TeachConnect is an online community designed to assist beginning teachers in their transition into the teaching profession.

TeachConnect is a community of pre-service, early-career, experienced teachers and teacher educator academics (from mathematics, science and education disciplines). The online platform of TeachConnect sets the stage upon which this community collaborates to support STEM teachers through pre-service education, especially practical experience, and into the profession.

“The teaching profession faces a grand design challenge: What kind of online community can best support teachers to connect to each other and to the knowledge that they need?”

Dr Nick Kelly & Steven Kickbusch


  1. It’s well known that the transition from pre-service into early-career teaching is a challenging one.
  2. It’s also known that support during this period (such as mentorship, induction and follow-up from a university) can do a lot to help – but many teachers are missing out.
  3. In particular, teachers in insecure employment or in rural areas are likely to miss out on support during this transition.
  4. A lack of support has a significant impact on teacher job satisfaction and intention to leave the profession.
  5. Existing online communities (e.g. Scootle, The Learning Place, Facebook groups) still leave a large gap to be filled.

TeachConnect Factsheet



TeachConnect is an online platform that links pre-service teachers with experienced teachers and peer support such as:

  • A close mentoring relationship with an experienced teacher (reflection on teaching practice)
  • Discipline-specific communities for teachers to give and get feedback
  • A collective knowledge sharing space for teachers to answer questions, share resources and give advice.
  • Teacher mentors and subject experts have joined the platform and participated in online and in-person seminars.
  • Teachers engage with mentors through messages, chat and circles.
  • The larger the network, the more expertise. In TeachConnect knowledge is re-used, growing every year as teachers build up a knowledge-base around all aspects of the profession.
  • External sites and multi-media bringing teachers into subject-specific discussions.

TeachConnect Video

How it works

TeachConnect is open to anyone with a school or university affiliated email. It is accessible from anywhere, at anytime and available on all devices eg. mobiles, tablets and laptops.


img_quotation-marks-leftOne of the things I’ve found is that if any one of a group of people with similar problems asks a question, there’s a good chance that the question will reflect the thinking of their peers.”

Myles Horton, American education activist


TeachConnect impacts upon the development of teachers at every stage in their career.

  1. Whilst they are pre-service teachers, they develop an online network of support with an experienced mentor teacher and a close circle of colleagues. Within this circle, trust grows and enables reflection on practice to occur within the group. Also, pre-service teachers have access to the large community knowledge base, where they can ask anything of the larger teaching network. This support helps them during practical experience and in the transition to early career.
  2. As early career teachers, they already have a trusted network on which to draw upon when faced with the challenges of their first years of teaching. Research shows the value of support during the first years for improving both teacher satisfaction and retention. Currently many early career teachers in Queensland miss out on support – TeachConnect ensures that by augmenting this existing support, there will be a positive impact upon teachers in Queensland.

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Dr Nick Kelly and Steven Kickbusch from QUT.
Developed in conjunction with Queensland College of Teachers.